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Exporting your equipment overseas can seem like an overwhelming prospect, particularly if it’s your first time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s brand-new equipment or a used piece of machinery, you want it to arrive in top condition and in a timely manner. There will be a significant amount of physical and digital documentation needed and selecting the right exporter for your needs is crucial.


Reputable Company

An experienced heavy haul company with a trustworthy reputation will ensure your shipment arrives safely, on time, and with all the required documentation. The company will provide tracking and complete logistical information, know the best port from which to ship, and have the tractor-trailer rig that best suits the type of equipment being transported.

Shipping Port

Don’t make the mistake of drawing a straight line between the equipment to be shipped and the nearest port. Departure times and shipping fees aren’t the same at every port. Those two variables can add significantly to the overall cost and will definitely affect the arrival of your shipment. A heavy haul company can help if you need a combination of shipping methods encompassing truck and rail transport or Ro-Ro or container shipping. The specialists will also know if a piece of equipment can be partially dismantled to provide savings.

Shop Around

Not every heavy haul company offers the same services or a full line of trailers upon which to transport your equipment or machinery. It’s always a good idea to obtain three quotes to compare, especially if this is your first export. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your search for transport. Heavy haul companies are booked well in advance. The good news is that heavy haul companies also have an “off season” and you may be able to obtain better rates during that time if you can wait to ship.

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