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If you’re in need of a heavy hauler, you can certainly try to deduce the rates you’ll pay. It will give you a ballpark figure with which to work. However, the best route to deliver your property isn’t necessarily what appears to be the straightest line. That’s when the expertise of a logistic expert is invaluable. It’s particularly important if you’re shipping overseas.

Heavy Haul Freight

Heavy haul rates are calculated on a per-mile basis. Some heavy haul companies provide online calculators that can provide a general idea of costs, but there are other factors that need to be considered. For the most accurate quote, contact heavy haulers in your area. Many offer a free no-obligation quote.

One of those other considerations is the load’s ultimate destination. When shipping to international ports, the most direct route won’t necessarily ensure that your load will arrive at the correct time – some ports operate 24/7, but most don’t. There may be infrastructure obstacles, road construction, and roads that are unable to handle the weight of the load. There may also be delays in unloading.

Heavy haul providers are focused on the best and safest routes for the load that enables it to arrive at its destination at the correct time. The time of the year you ship will also affect your rates. Heavy haulers are often booked months in advance. They’ll need to provide the correct trailer for the load and weather may be a factor. Depending on the load, specialized permits may be required.

It’s essential that you keep in mind that a single inch in the height, width or length of what you’re shipping can add thousands to the amount of your transportation costs. It’s possible for you to get an idea of what your heavy haul freight rates will be, but it’s always better to contact a company directly if you want to have an exact figure.

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