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Safety of other motorists and the cargo are primary concerns for heavy haulers. There are dozens of potential problems that can delay deliveries, damage the load, and lead to dangerous accidents when drivers don’t perform pre-trip checks. Here are some important safety checks.

Safety Checks


The tires on a heavy hauler don’t just go flat like they do on passenger vehicles. They split apart, with bits, pieces and chunks flying off in all directions. Everyone has seen remnants of large tires littering the highway – those are truck tires. If one of those fragments impacts a car, it can result in damage to the vehicle, cause the driver to lose control, collide with other drivers, or run off the road.


From changing lanes on the highway to making turns, the lights on a heavy hauler do more than illuminate the road. They also have “runner lights” on the trailer that help other motorists know the proportions of the trailer and its positioning. In the event of in climate weather or other roadway problems, emergency flashers are essential.

Tie Downs

Heavy haulers transport a variety of heavy equipment and machinery. The cargo must be secured in prescribed ways to prevent it from moving or coming off the trailer due to sharp turns, steep grades, or the need to stop quickly.


Few motorists think about the extra distance that heavy haulers require to stop or turn. It’s common for drivers to pass and quickly cut in front of a truck on the highway or even follow too closely. It’s critical for drivers to ensure all braking systems are working properly, including service, emergency and parking brakes.

Trailer Coupling

The coupling may appear secure, but doesn’t mean it is. A faulty coupling is an invitation to a disaster. The trailer must be attached securely to the cab. That includes mounting brackets, locking pins, locking jaws, nuts and clamps to ensure the trailer doesn’t become detached and freewheel across roadways, into a ditch, or into buildings and other vehicles.

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